Statement: Texture Intertwined, Live Coal Gallery 2013

The inanimate and found object have regularly played founding roles in the way I develop a series of drawings. As a child I was drawn to the mound form. As if by instinct I spent a lot of time playing with soil - drawn to its simplicity and texture, I would form mounds of my own. It felt very natural to make a tactile connection to the earth and to experiment with the act of creation on a very primal level. Not only representing the act of building and transformation, the mound also leaves behind an empty space from where it came - thus becoming a transitional object, somewhere between what is past and what is still to come. I wanted to use this template as a means to discover my own relationship to creativity and the building of something - working and stretching the idea of line, texture, shape, perspective - I wanted to spend time with an object’s representation, and tangibly build something, as you would a layered surface of soil. I also became fascinated with the mound as a spiritual icon, used in various cultures as a means to mark sacred burial grounds - I appropriated this divine ancestry as a means to explore my own connection as artist to a transcendental realm. In my rock and rope series there is also this echo of a time past, a shadow presence and its relics - puzzle pieces that reflect an abandoned intention and the resonance of transient meaning. All of my work inevitably hints at the psychology of how we relate to space, objects, needs, desires and the question of belief.